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Unlimited On-Demand Mobile and House Visits

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Save money on healthcare costs for your employees and your business


Provide direct primary care for your employees and save money over traditional medical insurance programs. Concierge health care from Fia Care is affordable and convenient for all your employees, including contract workers. Our home health care is a great alternative to insurance through expensive and cumbersome brokers, and provides many benefits to your employees.

  • Secure, on-demand messaging to answer medical questions
  • Video chat, even after hours and on weekends
  • In-home visits for hands-on medical care, meeting most routine needs
  • Write or renew prescriptions to your pharmacy
  • Same-day visits are possible for many concerns
  • Night and weekend health solutions
  • Annual physicals
  • Wellness, pregnancy and nutritional coaching
  • Manage chronic illnesses and conditions

Small Businesses

Ask about Fia Care Mobile Services that can come to your place of business for scheduled yearly physicals, testing and other needs.

We provide all the information needed to educate your employees about how to make the most of our digital, telehealth and in-home care services. We offer primary care when your employees and their families need it – on their schedule and within your budget.

Save money and improve employee relations by providing affordable and effective healthcare assistance through Fia Care. We understand that many small business health plans are not affordable or provide inadequate care. Our subscription-based healthcare is tailor-made for small businesses like yours that wish to take better care of their employees, many of whom have no insurance or health care coverage.


Finding health care for non-profits can be a headache. Grants are available for non-profits to provide health care options, but where do you turn for affordable and efficient coverage for your employees?

Fia Care is ideal subscription-based health care for non-profit organizations of any size. We tailor our service plans to meet your needs. Small organizations are just as welcome as larger groups. All your employees receive the same health care benefits, with digital, telehealth and in-home service options to meet a variety of basic healthcare needs.

Improve Health. Increase Loyalty. Save Money.

Helping your employees doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. With Fia Care’s on-demand mobile healthcare, your employees get the care they need. It’s great for them. And saves you money.

Woman holding a tablet and speaking on the phone setting up primary care appointment
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of employees consider health and wellness offerings when assessing a job

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of adults with employer-sponsored coverage skipped medical treatment due to cost

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in future healthcare costs saved for every $1 spent on preventive care

$ 450

yearly out-of-pocket spend on primary care services for the average adult

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potential healthcare cost savings for those that switch to subscription-based primary care

How Mobile Health Works for Employers

1. Let's Start with a Call

We’ll walk you through how Fia can help you support employee health and wellness, and discuss how you can benefit from providing on-demand healthcare.

2. Sign Up your Company

No long-term commitment and you decide the payment schedule.

3. We’ll get to work!

We will provide you and your employees with the educational materials needed to fully understand and maximize the Fia benefit. We will show you the impact of Fia Care through utilization and health metrics reporting.

Here are just a few reasons companies are choosing Fia Care


It's Easy

Exceptional Benefit: Give your employees real healthcare and peace-of-mind.
Save Money: Healthcare costs keep rising. Let us show you how you can save $1,607 per employee, every year.
No Sweat Solution: Fia Care handles all of the work, so you can sit back, relax, and let Fia take the reins.



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