Join Fia Care for Free

Join Fia Care for Free

Free Connection to your Primary Care Provider
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With On-Demand Mobile Healthcare, Staying Healthy Just Got Easier

Fia Care concierge health care brings quality health care services to your home or office when you need it. Individuals and families can benefit from our direct primary care for low monthly or yearly rates with additional discounts available. Save money and precious time when house call doctors come to you!



/ Month 

($50 for Video Calls or Chat and Prescription Renewals; $250 for House Calls; $75 for lab-draws)



For first member


Per Additional Member

($2,280 Annual for a family of four)
Quarterly Billing, 5% and 10% Discounts for 6-month and annual memberships

For an additional charge, you can have:

  • Lab draws and blood work at home at your convenience
  • House calls from your PCP, just like the good old days
  • Video calls, prescription renewals, and more right through your app: no wait, no worries

Fia Care’s free membership helps you fit healthcare into your limited budget and busy lifestyle.  Do you know how when your toddler is feverish and it’s late at night and you’re going to go to the ER unless the fever goes down? Save money and hassle and contact Fia Care. A free IM or $25 video call could save you $2,500 spent at the ER or $300 at the Urgent Care. Fia Care is a great resource for families that want access to their doctor without the confusing worries of what you’ll have to pay. What’s more is that Fia Care’s providers are in the app or at your home, wherever you need us to be. 

woman smiling in mirror

We don’t want you to ever have to “go to the doctor” again

Going to the doctor is important, but it doesn’t need to be such a hassle. That’s why we come to you. Fia Care provides our patients with unlimited, on-demand at-home and telehealth visits for just $160 per month.


the earliest availability if you called the average Primary Care clinic


the average time spent in a waiting room

$ 0

the average person’s yearly out-of-pocket primary care costs

$ 450

in future healthcare costs saved for every $1 spent on preventive care

Membership Benefits

* While the majority of our house visits are same-day visits, we cannot guarantee that all visits are same-day. We generally are able to respond to house visits in 2-3 hours, depending on our availability.

Hours of Operation:   

M-F: 9am–10pm for Chat/Video
M-F: 10am–9pm for Home Visits
Weekends: 10am–6pm for Chat/Video/Home Visits

Why patients choose FIA?

Convenience: In the age of delivery and on-demand, it’s about time we bring the physician to you
Peace-of-Mind: Instant answers to pressing questions. No more self-diagnosing via WebMD or expensive trips to urgent care
High Quality Care: We provide full-service primary care, in the comfort of your home
Trust: If we don’t deliver, we know we’ll lose you as a patient. So you can trust us – we are constantly working hard to keep you healthy and happy

Let Healthcare Come to You

1. Text, Call, or Message a Provider Now

We’re here for you, whenever and wherever you need us

2. We’ll come to you

If an in-person assessment is necessary, we’ll meet you at your house or your office

3. Get back to doing you!

No more worrying about your health or bills

Can’t Afford a Membership Plan? It’s Our Mission to Help Those in Need.


Reach out to us at Fia Care and learn how our mobile healthcare solution can make your life more simple and manageable!

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