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We Make PEOPLE Healthier

Health insurance is a bummer. And traditional clinics are inconvenient. That’s why Fia is redefining primary care and making it more accessible than ever. In the age of on-demand and delivery, we believe healthcare should come right to you. That’s why we provide companies and individuals with a convenient, cost-effective, and turn-key solution to improving health and well-being, by providing our members with on-demand primary care.

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We bring primary care to you, providing employees with much needed, and often neglected, healthcare

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Whether you are a company or an individual, our services will help you save money

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A: We are a full-service virtual primary care clinic. We offer on-demand chat, video, and home visits when needed. We provide physicals, chronic disease management, some labs, in-home visits, prescription renewals, and referrals to specialists. We are not specialists and do not offer any specialist services. See our Services page for more detail.

A: A Fia Care membership costs $150 for the first member of the household and $10 additional member per month. There are no copays, no insurance premiums, and no surprise bills.

A: The average family spends $4,000+ on out-of-pocket primary care expenses every year. Yet you can get all of that care for less through Fia Care. Additionally we operate outside of the traditional insurance framework, so using our services rather than using insurance can let you choose a better insurance plan that works for you. We have partners that can help you find an insurance plan as well that pairs well with Fia Care. Call 385-342-5353 to learn more.

A: No, Fia is not health insurance. We strongly encourage everyone to continue to have a good health insurance plan. Fia does not have the capability to help out with specialized care like surgery, transplants, rehabilitative services, pregnancies, mental health counseling or prescriptions. For those services, and many others, we suggest that all Fia members maintain health insurance. Please contact us at 385-342-5353 and we can connect you to partners that will help you find an insurance plan that works for you and your family. 

A: No, Fia is not urgent care. While we answer all calls as quickly as possible, and we are able to provide same day in-person visits 90%+ of the time, we are not the same thing as urgent care, and may not be able to provide the appropriate and necessary level of care.

A: Fia’s providers are available weekdays from 9am-9pm. We are also available on weekends from 10am-6pm.

A: Check Fia’s serviceable area to see if we can serve you. We do not have a physical location – this is part of the reason we are able to keep costs so low. We are still able to provide all of the necessary care through old-fashioned house visits.


A: There are 3 main reasons:
1) Fia saves you money. Because we operate outside of the traditional framework of insurance, every time your employee uses Fia is a medical claim expense you are avoiding, which lowers your insurance premiums.

2) Your employees save money. The average person spends $572 on out-of-pocket primary care expenses every year. With a Fia Care membership, these costs can often be brought down to $0, saving each of your employees $572 annually.

3) Employees don’t have to worry about additional costs for each visits, so they can use care as much as they actually need. Ease of access takes away the anxiety of seeking healthcare.

A: There are a few additional ways we can help you save money.
1) A Fia membership pairs really nicely with a high deductible health plan (HDHP). HDHPs help save money on insurance premiums, but their major downside is that they increase out-of-pocket spend via their higher deductible. Fia helps fill the gap, by providing most of the care an individual would need, while simultaneously decreasing an individual’s out-of-pocket costs. Moving to a HDHP can save you and your employees between $773-$1,263 per single employee, on average. For a family, the savings can be as large as $2,703 or more, every year. Unfortunately, Fia does not apply towards your insurance deductible.

2) Many people are on expensive, unnecessary prescriptions. These prescriptions often account for 20% or more of your health insurance costs. We are happy to work with your employees to provide prescription counseling, helping them move to cheaper alternatives, or helping them move off of the medication altogether if it is no longer necessary.

3) Every dollar spent on preventive care has been shown to save somewhere between $4-$13 down the road. It’s hard to find a better return on investment.

4) By providing access to unlimited primary care, your employees are less likely to seek out urgent care, or end up in the hospital for long periods of time. Based on an industry study, patients with unfettered access to primary care saved $679 on annual insurance premiums.

A: Employers purchase the Fia membership on behalf of their employees and their employees’ dependents, for $150 per adult and $10 per additional member per month. Once your employees and their families are members, they will have access to unlimited care. We will provide you with monthly updates showing how often your employees are using the care and how much you are saving. We can provide lower pricing for employer based on volume. 

A: Fia does not count as health insurance, so yes, you are still required to buy government mandated health insurance if you have 50 or more employees.

A: We do not. As such, we are able to provide services at a lower cost to you. Health insurance premiums can be incredibly wasteful for healthy families. Nearly 40% of every medical dollar goes towards insurance administration and claims. By removing insurers from the equation, we can provide real value for our clients.

A: We would be happy to work with you to provide care for your employees. Please contact us by email or call us at (385)-342-5353