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If you’re a University of Utah Health Plans (UUHP) member, you may have received an email or phone call from us about having a “wellness visit”–we’re a new in-network provider with UUHP helping you get this assessment! Your health plan wants you to have this visit!

What is a wellness visit?
Though similar, it’s a bit different from a standard primary care visit–a wellness visit focuses on identifying potential health risks and promoting preventive care. Your health plan wants you to have this visit! See our FAQs section below for more info or contact us directly!

Where do I go for my visit?
Fia Care provider’s serve you over video via our telehealth platform. Telehealth visits enable you to have your appointment in the comfort of your home. Scheduling is also flexible and easy, and we’re open Monday-Friday 9 am – 9 pm (MT) and weekends 10 am – 6 pm (MT).

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Frequently Asked Questions

A:  We’re an in-network healthcare provider with your insurance, University of Utah Health Plans (UUHP)—among many other services, we’re contracted with UUHP to provide you with your wellness visit. Our providers have a wealth of experience assessing your needs and are eager to help you reach your health goals. We offer on-demand chat, video, and home visits when needed. We provide physicals, chronic disease management, some labs, in-home visits, prescription renewals, and referrals to specialists. We are not specialists and do not offer any specialist services. See our Services page for more detail.

Commonly called a Health Risk Assessment (HRA), it’s an assessment that helps you and us understand potential health risks by examining factors such as medical history, lifestyle, and family health. These visits play a crucial role in promoting preventive care and guide us as providers to offer personalized recommendations for healthier living. The information gathered from this visit empowers you to make informed decisions about your health and enables healthcare providers to tailor interventions and care plans for better overall well-being.

Your health plan wants you to have this visit. You can schedule your visit by selecting “Schedule Today” above, or by contacting us directly.

A: Nothing! If you are a University of Utah Health Plans member, this visit is a covered benefit with your UUHP plan. As a UUHP member, you will not be charged for this wellness visit with Fia Care.

A: It’s very similar to a regular visit at a doctor’s office. The difference is that you don’t actually have to drive anywhere to meet with a provider. Our providers contact you right through our app! You can text and chat with your provider over a video call in the comfort of your home.

We do not have a physical location – Fia Care’s providers serve you via telehealth or house visits. We are still able to provide all of the necessary care through old-fashioned house visits. You can schedule you visit by selecting “Schedule Today” above, or by contacting us directly. We look forward to visiting with you! 😊

A: No. This is a special visit that your health plan needs to ensure you get the care you need. A wellness visit is focused on identifying potential health risks and promoting preventative care. 

Select “Schedule Today” aboveto book your visit or give us a call! Whether you have a PCP or are in-between PCPs at the moment, we strongly encourage you to schedule your wellness appointment.

A: No, Fia is not urgent care. While we answer all calls as quickly as possible, and we are able to provide same day in-person visits 90%+ of the time, we are not the same thing as urgent care, and may not be able to provide the appropriate and necessary level of care.

A: Fia’s providers are available weekdays from 9am-9pm. We are also available on weekends from 10am-6pm.